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So today sucked… At work we are behind for the beginning of tax season. We start in two weeks and haven’t hired anyone. My boss still hasn’t written out the rental agreements for me to take over on January first. His last son died Friday. He’s saying it’s a heart attack but I know it was an OD because I was friends with him and I know who fed him the shit. My boss had to go to the emergency room he’s so ill he can hardly move and I had finals today. There is no way in hell I passed. I studied like a bitch for three straight days and the moment I sat down and looked at the test I knew I was fucked. This isn’t one of my giggle I think I failed things. It’s real. There is NO possible way. I’ll still pass the class though because the rest of my grades are up there. However there goes my A average. So why did I decide the moment I got home to cut my own bangs??? Please explain?

In other news I think I’m finally going to ditch my blogger. I don’t want to lose what I’ve written about before so I’m converting it to my LJ. I just don’t have the time to keep up all these pages. It’s probably a rash decision made at the worst possible time but what the hell I think I’ll keep up today’s average.


November, 2005 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

Aviation History Month (Look ma I can fly)
Child Safety Protection Month (Shouldn’t every month be this?)
Peanut Butter Lovers Month (mmmmmm)
Real Jewelry Month (Ok that’s just a lame thing to celebrate)
National Sleep Comfort Month (Does this mean I can finally sleep a full night?)

Week Celebrations:
Week 1 Chemistry Week (Celebrated by mad scientist everywhere)
Week 3 Game and Puzzle Week (Jenga anyone)

Each Day:
1 All Saint's Day and
World Vegetation Day
2 Look for Circles Day (Again lame) and
Deviled Egg Day (Why was it called a deviled egg I wonder?)
3 Housewife's Day (Flash backs to my costume acckk help me) and Sandwich Day (I’ll take a hot pastrami and cheese please)
4 Sadie Hawkins Day (This all started because a cartoonist had an ugly daughter) and King Tut Day (Walk like an Egyptian)
5 Gunpowder Day or Guy Fawkes Day (Burn effigies and watch fireworks sounds like a cool holiday we should celebrate this one)
6 Marooned without a Compass Day (ok so we just need a small boat and a storm here) and Saxophone Day (Lisa Simpson will be in heaven)
7 Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (Any kind of chocolate is good chocolate) and Cook Something Bold Day (Bam)
8 Dunce Day (Everyone make a dunce hat and where it to work come on you know you want to)
9 Chaos Never Dies Day (You've got that right)
10 Forget-Me-Not Day (Too late) and USMC Day
11 Veteran's Day and Air Day
13 National Indian Pudding Day (Everyone likes pudding no wait that’s Jell-O) and World Kindness Day (Be kind eat your pudding)
14 Operating Room Nurse Day (These are not the type of people who get surprise party’s) and Young Readers Day
15 Clean Your Refrigerator Day (I just did this), America Recycles Day (America should) and National Philanthropy Day
16 Button Day (Last month we got to count them this month we get to admire them) and Have a Party with Your Bear Day (No one else just your bear)
17 Take A Hike Day (There are a few people I’d like to take this literally lol) and World Peace Day
18 Great American Smokeout and Occult Day
19 Have a Bad Day Day (NO MORE BAD DAY’S)
20 Absurdity Day (How do you celebrate something like this), Beautiful Day, and
Universal Children's Day
21 False Confession Day (Ok everyone go to church) and World Hello Day (lame)
22 Go For a Ride Day (Where are we going?)
23 National Cashew Day and You are Welcome Day (For the cashew?)
Thanksgiving Day (Eat a lot, Nap, Repeat)
25 National Parfait Day
26 Buy Nothing Day (Always the day after Thanksgiving...does anyone abide by it?) and Shopping Reminder Day
27 Pins and Needles Day (You need those to pin your pants because of the diet you just ruined)
28 Make Your Own Head Day (See this makes no sense) and Red Planet Day
26 Square Dance Day (No, I only did it for girl scouts you can’t make me do it again!!)
30 Stay At Home because Your Well Day (THANK GOD A DECENT DAY WORTH CELABRATING)


Hmmmmm Trick............. or Treat..................

Friday the 21 was my court date and I have not wanted to put it into words for fear that it was not all a bad dream. Sigh so here is the reality. It was real. I paid a fine of $310, which I cannot afford, and even though they told me that was all that would happen, I called the state of Maine. Yes, I will be losing my license for two months and no, they cannot speed that up and let me do it now. I will have to wait the two months it takes to find and process the paper work. This of course lands me losing it right when I am on call 24/7 during the only time of year I really have to have a license. Oh and of course, they will inform me just like last time. (ha ha ha) So I will have to call once a week from now until it happens to find out if I still have a license because I do not trust them to actually let me know. Oh BTW no one knows what happened to my actual license so I’m driving around with a small piece of white paper that gives me permission from the state to drive due to the cop saying he had it which he apparently does not have it now. Do you have all that because my head hurts from it all? Oh, because of my head hurting from it I went out, had many many tequila shots that night, and cannot remember dancing in the rain in my socks. I am sure it was quite a bit of fun though. Thank you Robyn!!!

The 28th was the Big House Party and I spent all week getting the place to my liking knowing that it would be destroyed in the first 30 minutes. Still I am glad I did. I hate it when that place is a mess. Everyone seemed to have fun. No one puked or peed on the floors and nothing got broken whether it was relationships or actual property like in the past, so I guess it went well. There were tons of interesting costumes this year or maybe it was just the first year I actually paid attention because I was not avoiding or fighting with someone. It was a nice change of pace. I spent most of the night true to my costume of Little Miss Susie Homemaker but still had fun. It was not the same without Vic though.

The 29th was Goth Ball and wow everyone looked great. Conrad dressed in a tuxedo with tails and a top hat and looked amazing. He bought me a dozen roses and was so sweet I even got a dance in with him. Tallon and Inge won Goth King and Queen, which made sense because they looked fabulous. I just wish I had not been dealing with Me-shelle outside so I could have voted for them. It was not her fault I was outside and I know I did not have to deal with it but she was not that bad. The bouncer who was new was really rough with her. This surprised me because they never treat girls that way not even the ones they do not know, so I went to collect her stuff and call her a cab.
Juliette & the Licks played but as I am sure you have read on other blogs, they were not the best and from what I heard I should have arrived earlier if I had wanted to hear the better band. The Drama was at soap opera standards high for everyone but still it was a good night with all the pretty people, great DJ’s and lots of pictures being taken so I can post them for you later. Hint Hint

Today is Halloween and I am sitting in a half painted office wondering why the painters never showed this weekend and where they are today. I wore Gothy clothing in celebration of the day, and because its fun whenever I can get away with it now that I don’t have the Monday night outlet for cool dress up anymore. I have school tonight (as a bonus I get extra credit for dressing up) and then I’m thinking if I’m out early enough I should swing by and scare my nephews as any good Auntie should do.

I hope your tricks are just as good as your treats this year and that someone out there is having a more intersting day than I am.


October, 2005 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Apple Jack Month (huh??)
Awareness Month (aware of what?)
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Clergy Appreciation Month (Not THAT kind of appreciation you sickos)
Computer Learning Month
Cookie Month (COOKIES)
Eat Country Ham Month (Umm ham makes me sick)
International Drum Month (psichron you should have fun this month)
Lupus Awareness Month
National Pizza Month
National Popcorn Popping Month (Pizza and popcorn should be in the same month it's like a junk food junkies dream this month)
Sarcastic Month (Ha read all my post if you don't understand sarcasm)
Seafood Month
Spanish Heritage Appreciation month(submitted by stiner_net)

Weekly Celebrations:
Week 1 Get Organized Week (No it's just not possible)
Week 1 Customer Service Week (The only customer service I want to deal with is on the receiving end)
Week 2 Fire Prevention Week
Week 2 Pet Peeve Week (I've a list if you'd like)
Week 3 Pastoral Care Week

Each Day:
1 World Vegetarian Day and Chinese Moon Festival
2 National Custodial Worker Day and Name Your Car Day (My car's name is Precious)
3 Techies Day and Virus Appreciation Day (This just doesn't seem like it needs celebration)
4 National Golf Day (No thanks I'm not a golf fan)
5 Do Something Nice Day (Damn I missed this one and it's just to late now)
6 Come and Take it Day(HA HA HA HA and it's a Thursday I was thinking of skipping the bar scene tonight but this almost makes it worth going again)
7 Bald and Free Day, National Frappe Day, National Frugal Fun Day (This day just covers it all doesn't it)
8 American Tag Day (Tag your it)
9 Curious Events Day, Fire Prevention Day, Leif Erikson Day and Moldy Cheese Day, (I like my cheese not moldy please)
10 Columbus Day and National Angel Food Cake Day
11 It's My Party Day and Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day (Party with your teddy's day? Wait no that's a different kind of party)
12 Farmer's Day, Moment of Frustration Day, and Emergency Nurses Day (One of these things is not like the other one of these things just doesn't belong...Sorry got distracted for a moment)
13 (It's BLANK DAY)
14 Be bald and Free Day and National Dessert Day (Wait we just had a bald and free day how many holidays do bald people need?)
15 Sweetest Day and Cane Safety Day (Ok are we talking walking canes or canning canes cause the later of the two I'll think about celebrating)
16 Bosses Day and Dictionary Day (Blah I guess I have to be nice to Vern this day and use big words doing it)
17 Wear Something Gaudy Day (Hmmm I think I have a green and orange shirt... WAIT no I don't!!!!
18 No Beard Day (Aww darn and I just started growing this out)
19 Evaluate Your Life Day (It sucks read the last few post enough evaluating)
20 Brandied Fruit Day
21 Babbling Day and Count Your Buttons Day (sounds like a fun day... shot me now)
22 National Nut Day ( ha ha ha of course your a nut after you count all those buttons)
23 Mother-In-Law Day, National Mole Day, and Tv Talk Show Host Day (I'm not participating in this one it doesn't sound like fun)
24 United Nations Day and National Bologna Day
25 Punk for a Day Day (SWEET)
25 World Pasta Day
26 Make a Difference Day and Mule Day (Make a difference be a mule)
27 Navy Day
28 Plush Animal Lover's Day (Oh dear GOD!!!!)
29 Hermit Day and National Frankenstein Day ( Do we celebrate by rounding up hermits and dressing them up like Frankenstein?)
30 National Candy Corn Day and Mischief Night (YAY who wants to make mischief I need ideas)
31 Carve a Pumpkin Day,Halloween,Increase Your Psychic Powers Day(My favorite holiday of the year is Halloween)


Pay back for Paris

For those of you who actually paid attention to my 5.27.2005 Post here is a remake of that commercial that makes it all better. :)


Hey Alabama John pay attention this is one for your sick and twisted mind. hee hee hee


Death and all that

In 1994 during my senior year at Portland High School My Uncle Russell suffered a stroke. At the time I thought it the worst thing to see him paralyzed on one entire side of his body but grateful that he was too stubborn to go just then. Selfish I know but I was not ready then.

At 1:30 am on 9/21/2005 I received a call from my baby sister Catherine telling me that my Uncle had a stroke and this time he was not going to be able to cheat death. This one had hit on the other side and towards the middle instead of the outside. If he survived, he would be a vegetable but there was little chance of survival. Conrad drove me up to Norway because I had taken a sleep aid that night in order to get a full night sleep and of course it was kicking in around the time of the call. When I got there he was in a coma and that morning was pronounced brain dead. Family was called and all of those that made the trip that night stayed to discuss the rights and wrongs of such things as last rights and discontinuing life support. I got home at 7:30 that morning took a nap and drove back up to Norway for the remainder of the day. Over the next week I spent every moment I could up at the hospital but Uncle Russell never pulled out of the coma. I watched his breathing get more ragged and heard the death rattle that I have heard in both my Grandmothers and my friend Scott’s passing. I went there with the hope of seeing him pull through but also for the support of my family. It was an hour and fifteen minute drive one way but worth it. Family started arriving over the next few days and I believe the hospital kept him on fluids right up until the last of us arrived. Some flew in from Florida, some from Georgia and a van full of relatives descended last minute from Colorado. All of his sisters, brothers, kids, and even his 78-year-old father, made it in to say goodbye. The only nieces to live in Maine showed as well. What can I say the man was well loved.

On the afternoon of 9/25/2005 he passed on. One moment he was breathing and the next there was nothing. The Doctors said there was no pain that he had no brain activity and the only reason his body had continued to function up until that point was from the memory of doing so for fifty-five years. In my opinion, he was just too damned obstinate to go until the last person had arrived. That’s my family, Grandma did the same thing when she passed in 1997 only she came out of the coma long enough to tell us she saw angels and was going home.

Since my Uncles passing I have spent time with the family listening to stories about his exploits as a child and his adventures as an adult. He was a Vietnam Vet with a Purple Heart. A hell raiser but a devote catholic. He was an alcoholic but gentle with children and animals alike. He’s the only hunter I’ve ever heard of who went hunting one day and brought back a pet deer instead of dinner and once when I was young he promised to give me his purple corvette. For years he told me it was in the mail. I spoke at his funeral and told my own stories and how much I respected and loved the man and how he was my favorite Uncle.

He is not in pain and I know I will be fine but I will miss the hell out of him.


Karma Dept

Wow, it has been forever since I posted. Looking through my files, I find I have numerous half started post, things I never put up, things I meant to finish things that at the time should have been finished. Rather resembles my life, a lot of stuff I should have done. :/ Here is a short list of happenings and I will try to keep up with posts until tax season is upon me again.

Since my last post I have turned 31 yes that right I am female and I am not lying about my age.
I have lost a friend to cancer. Only the good die young and that was true here.

I have been to both GNE and Pennsic and survived. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

One of my best friends has moved to Vermont to be happier than she has ever been in her entire life. I miss her and wish she had found happiness closer to home.

My other best friend has survived the evacuation from Biloxi Mississippi leaving her brand new home with her one year old son, her sister and two kids and supplied with nothing but a diaper bag and baby book. She then traveled to a seedy motel in Alabama where they kicked her out by Friday to make room for the football team coming in. This forced her to drive to Maine during Labor Day weekend and the great gas hike. She is safe now with family and I am selfishly happy to have her home and close again.

I was in a car accident. It wasn't bad I just hit a rock, got a flat, found out my license was suspended, and had my car impound. I will discover if I am losing my license for a month when I go into court in October. This was the same day Vic was moving, I had not taken my pills, and I was trying to quit smoking. It was a bad day all around with the bill that came with it. On the other hand, it was nice of the officer to drop me off in the brand new SUV police vehicle right in front of the office while clients were there. Oh and did I mention the cat puked all over Vern's new rugs. Guess who got to clean it!!! Come on guess!!!!

Right now I am coping with depression combined with or caused by the fact that I am experiencing severe insomnia, Husson college is dicking me around, I just replaced the breaks in my car and paid out way more than I had in the bank and I am reaching critical in my self-esteem again.

Not every thing has been bad though.

My birthday went just as I wanted. I was not in a mood to celebrate this year with the boy away and life changing so quickly and my friends respected that. They have no idea how much I appreciated it. Sometimes you want to party and sometimes you want to sit on a beach quietly with just your thoughts for company.

I have had a fantastic summer with Conrad. He is amazing and I love him. He has taken me into his heart and made me such a huge part of his life and there is no way I can show him what his love means to me because there isn't anything big enough that I can compare it to.

I went two weeks without makeup while at Pennsic. Yes, this affected my moods especially since I have not been in public willingly without makeup since I was 14 but I did it and that is one baby step towards my goal of being normal.

Two people I love and respect finally agreed to tie the knot. I love the fact that they were engaged at Pennsic and that I was there to witness their happiness that day. Congrats again guys.

I attended the wedding of my friend Jaime and had a fabulous time with a beautiful view and wonderful people.

I have made some new friends and strengthened some old friendships. This includes but is not limited to Joshua and I being able to have conversations that are almost back to the level of friendship we had five years ago. This makes me happy as I value all my friendships but is especially true for those that know me as well as he does.

I have managed to cut back on my smoking unless I am drinking and then I forget and bum cigarettes. This is good and bad but it is progress so I put it in the good list.

I still have a job, a home, and some of the best friends a crazy spider loving Goth chic could ever want so life isn't bad its just messed up.

Did I mention I hit a turkey on the way to work this morning? Sigh......